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Victor Phenson

Secret to sweat-less flow of the anointing of deliverance is the indept knowledge of God’s Word and perfecting effort in holiness. Falling is not deliverance, but the expression of how bad the situation is. So when they fall does not in all case implies they are free. You need God’s word to command deliverance and the person of your person is very crucial; it is possible for evil spirit to play you because spiritually you may be one with them and at the same level because they rebel and you are also rebelling against God.

To be completely free from evil spirit or free to command deliverance at will, you must step higher than evil spirit which are properly known as rebelling spirit. To be above them is to be above rebellion.

Worst situation in the journey of deliverance is to fast and pray for deliverance in rebellion without a change of heart to still continue in sin. You are directly empowering the evil spirit without knowing. The case becomes complicated when you use evil to drive away spirits. You cannot use sexual intercourse to break the bond of demon like spiritual husband or wife, you cannot use sacrifice or offerings offer on road junction or river or even in your bed room to cut free from evil family spirit; you are directly empowering them with permission to scatter you to pieces.

Devil obey one language only, any other languages are waste of energy and strength. Jesus Christ uses this and manifested a great results throughout his ministry on earth. Force, yes I mean force.
Without force no devil will ever live a body. How Jesus spoke with authority and power…. There are three areas of authority we must have to command freedom. (Acts 19: 11-17).


Crusade by Victor Phenson

Keys To Operate in Anointing of Deliverance.

1) Authority through your Personality.
Ask the sons of Sceva, they will tell you that the devil asked who are you? You need the person of Christ in you to be above devils, you cannot carry the personality of rebellion like the devil and command the same to obey you, they may dance and fall on the ground yet still possess their victim. In deliverance, it is your personality verse the personality of the devil. Until you work on yourself to become as Christ Jesus is, you may still be a joker before your enemy the devil. Lift up your heads, O ye gates; and be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in.
Who is this King of glory? The LORD strong and mighty, the LORD mighty in battle.(Psalms 24:7-8). Personality qualification was the requirements of the ancient gates. Your spiritual person is the carrier of the authority that will expel the devil.


Flow of the Anointing of Deliverance

2) Authority in your Spirit.
In one of my ministry outing those early years of my calling, I was to minister alongside another minister that has been in the ministry for years, I was not informed of that arrangement, I had to agree to their terms because I was always so hungry for gathering of saints to share the love of Christ and his second coming that was my common Encounter those days. So I was ask to greet the church with just ten minutes exhortation, as the main ministration was to be done by the other guest. Personally I saw that as an occasion to tap in for an encounter because of what I was told of the grace he possesses. Finally the Oga was handed over the altar, he poured testimonies of deliverance and miracles for over one hour, and sang for about 30 minutes and commanded us to turn around forcefully for 47 times. Before I knew it, almost every body were on the ground, but as quickly as they fell, they stood up looking for chair to seat down. Even I, everything was turning in me, I was not myself but I really wanted to learn the act of deliverance.

Suddenly, one lady forcefully scattered everywhere within the church shouting with demonstration while rolling on the floor of the auditorium, I quickly came to myself as I was really anticipating how this great man will handle this issue. We all shouted fire everywhere as commanded, the more we shouted, the more she demonstrated, oh I said to myself see power. He will laid his hands upon her, embrace her, shake her forcefully severally yet the spirit refuse to come out. We shouted and became tired, but the lady became stronger and our lead minister was already weak as he often declared, “this is a very stubborn demon”. At an occasion, the lady grabbed him and he was rescue by able body protocols. At some point, the lady will pretend as if she is out, we will shout and celebrate only to see her running after the pastor. Oh, almost three hours was gone on only one case, the people began to complain because the night was closer to an end.

At this point I was contemplating within me, so demon are this powerful and all of us plus this anointed Man of God, we are unable to expel this stranger. Though I was not convinced, I knew something is not normal, I began to researched from bible to Christian literature. I felt though they are spirit yet we are above them in Christ Jesus until I came across in our city a man of God that restlessly was manifesting authority in this direction. Friends, get me right. Demon’s are powerful, if they were powerless there is no way they could have held an angel under captivities for 21 days in the person of Angel Gabriel.



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